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The Coming Of The Light
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"'I am the Light of the World.' Thank God for the first missionaries, who on July the first 1871, at Darnley Island, brought the light of Christ to the Torres Strait."

So reads the inscription outside the Anglican Church on Thursday Island, in the Torres Strait.

The following year, London Missionary Society pastors arrived at Mer; and by the turn of the century, virtually all Murray Islanders professed to be Christians.
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Feb, 1, 1992
Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992, funeral, songs
Ancient & Modern Ways
Great Barrier Reef, Mer, Murray Island, native title, reef, sea claims, sea rights, Subkaur Island
Coming of the Light Stone at Erub (Darnley Island)
Jul, 1, 1871
Christianity, Erub Island, London Missionary Society
anthropology, Cambridge Anthropological Expedition, ceremony, Christianity, Malo, Malo dance, religion, Stars of Tagai, wasikor
...Let us remember Christ died for us...
ceremony, Christianity, Land Bilong Islanders, Malo, Passi, Reverend Dave
...I think it came very strongly...
Image and Text
Christianity, Malo, Meriam culture, Meriam history, Passi, Reverend Dave, Stars of Tagai
Malo & Christianity
Christianity, Malo, Malo's laws, Malo-Bomai, religion, sacred
A London Missionary Society meeting
London Missionary Society, Mer, Meriam history