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Sovereignty & Indigenous Self-Government
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In the Mabo case the High Court rejected terra nullius, but only to the extent that 'common law' had failed to recognise and protect the pre-existing land rights of indigenous Australians.

However terra nullius remains in place as the basis in 'international law' for Britain's acquisition of sovereignty over Australia and its indigenous peoples.

Native Title
Australian Court Case, High Court Decision, 03/06/1992, Land Bilong Islanders, Mabo judgement, native title, Native Title Act (1993), recognition, WA v Commonwealth
...A tiny island...
High Court of Australia, Land Bilong Islanders, Mabo Case, plaintiffs, reconciliation, terra nullius
The Order Of The Court
Brennan, Justice Gerard, crown land, extinguishment, High Court Decision, 03/06/1992, High Court judgement, High Court of Australia, Mer, native title, sovereignty
Indigenous Sovereignty
aboriginal property ownership, Canada, First Nations Canada, indigenous people, Marshall Cases, native title, New Zealand (Aotearoa), sovereignty, Treaty of Waitangi, 1840 , United States of America
Reynolds on Aboriginal Sovereignty
High Court Decision, 03/06/1992, High Court of Australia, Native Title Act (1993), property law, Reynolds, Henry (Prof.), sovereignty, terra nullius
High Court Victory
Jun, 3, 1992
Australia, Canberra, death, High Court judgement, High Court of Australia, High Court victory, land ownership, Mabo, Edward Koiki, native title
Native Title & Sovereignty
indigenous people, native title, sovereignty
An Expression Of Sovereignty
Jun, 3, 1992
High Court of Australia, Mabo judgement, native title, self determination, self-government, sovereignty
Human Rights
human rights, International law, Mabo judgement, Racial Discrimination Act , 1975 , United Nations
International Law
fishing, Great Barrier Reef, Meriam culture, sea rights, seafarers, Torres Strait