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...Time to Move!...
'Dad before he died said he wanted to be buried at Sagir, on his own land. When we lost him it was really hard for Mum to let go, with the grieving process. From my point of view, it seemed like Dad had so much foresight, it was unreal, given that he said he wanted to be buried here, away from mainland Australia, away from any enemies he may have - then having that happen on June 3rd, well there you go guys, time to move!'
Keywords: desecration, Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992, Mabo, Eddie Jnr., Mabo, Edward Koiki, reburial, Sagir - Trade Winds, tombstone

Interviewed by Trevor Graham, Townsville, 1995.
Author: Graham, Trevor
© Film Australia
Source: Mabo, Eddie Jnr