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Mabo home at first sight or what...
'The first time I saw Koiki was in 1958. One of Koiki's relations got married to my cousin, Patsy Payne. So Koiki came for the wedding, and I could feel somebody looking at me and when I turned around it was Koiki. I looked back at him and he winked at me. And you know how girls are. And then he asked me if he can walk me home. I said "No", because by that time he was drunk and so we talked for a little while and then he left. And I suppose he thought he better write and apologise to me. So he wrote a letter and apologised about his being so drunk and his behaviour. I really got a surprise and we just kept writing letters.'

'Then he used to come nearly every fortnight to Halifax. It was a lovely feeling to be round him and Mum and Dad really took to him as well. And so that made me feel good too. I don't know whether to say love at first sight or what.'
Keywords: Halifax, Mabo, Bonita, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo family

Interviewed by Trevor Graham, 1996.
Author: Graham, Trevor
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Source: Mabo, Bonita