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...Land ownership system...
'In September 1981, Ron Castan QC was briefed to appear; in November 1981, barrister Bryan Keon-Cohen was introduced into the case. In that month counsel concluded that the most accurate statement of the land ownership system at the Murray Islands was "nameholders on behalf of respective individuals and family groups"; not communal ownership by clan groups.'

Flo Kennedy remained deeply involved from her home on Thursday Island, acting as a link person between members of the legal team and the Meriam people.
Keywords: barristers, Castan, Ron, Kennedy, Flo, Keon-Cohen, Bryan, land ownership, No Ordinary Judgement, Sharp, Dr. Nonie, Thursday Island, 1981

Sharp, Nonie 1996, 'No Ordinary Judgment', Aboriginal Studies Press, p 27.
Author: Kenna, Jonathan