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...If the wind is blowing...
'He would just burst out crying if he talks about Murray Island. When you talk about your island and where you come from, everything comes into it, you remember about how your father would come to you through the wind, and what your totem is. How you can be in touch with your ancestors, even though they are passed on. You can still feel their presence through some of the totems, whatever your totem might be. If the wind is blowing, everything stops because that's your totem and your family has come to visit. Your family's here. You allow the wind to rub against your face, because that's your father, the spirit of your father is rubbing his face against yours. And that's what Koiki felt even though he was in Townsville for so many years away from the island, that's what I feel, I think that's what all Murray Islanders feel even though they are here.'

Keywords: ancestors, Mabo, Benny, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Murray Islanders, totems, Townsville, Whaleboat, Donald, wind

Interviewed by Trevor Graham, 1996.
Author: Graham, Trevor
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Source: Whaleboat, Donald