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...He Got A Flogging From Auntie Maiga...
...He Got A Flogging From Auntie Maiga...,

'Every little thing we do he loved to argue with me. Well I remember one day we sit at the beach here and we saw big trevallies along the water here. So I raced down and get my father's spear, see if I can spear 'em. And Koiki said to me, "I'm a big boy, you're a small boy. I'm going to spear 'em." Anyway we were arguing and Koiki said to me "If you can't give me this spear, I give you a fist." I said "All right." I hand over the spear to him. And when he drive the spear he missed that fish. And that fish go away. He come up and stand with me. I can see his knees shaking like he do Aboriginal dancing. Anyway we walk up to Las and Auntie Maiga asked us and he said "I wanted to spear that fish but I missed him." Anyhow he got a flogging from Auntie Maiga.'
Keywords: adoption, childhood, fishing, Kudub, George, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo, Maiga

George Kudub interviewed by Trevor Graham at Dam, 1996. Still: George Kudub. Courtesy of Trevor Graham.
Author: Graham, Trevor
Source: Kudub, George