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Mabo home
...Both of us had jobs then...
'Both of us had jobs then. Netta was doing domestic duties and helping the cook, who was our sister-in-law, whatever you may call it, at the station. I was working on the railway line. She fell pregnant with our first son, Eddie, and of course she had to stop work and I sent her into Ingham to have the child there, close to her family, and I stayed out west until Eddie was three months old. Then we took him back out west, took Netta and Eddie back out west.'

Keywords: employment, Jardine Valley, marriage, Marriage to Bonita, 10/10/1959, 1960-1962

Loos, Noel and Mabo, Koiki 1996, 'Edward Mabo: His Life and Struggle for Land Rights', University Of Queensland Press.
Source: Mabo, Edward Koiki