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...She was sixteen...
...She was sixteen..., 1958

'She was sixteen. I was about twenty, something like that. And we sat at the same table at a wedding we'd both been invited to. I was dying to meet her, but in the back of my mind sort of doubted my own reasons for coming back to Halifax. I didn't know whether I was going to come back there or not, you know. It was useless for me to sort of get mixed up with someone and then have to leave and everything just falls apart.'
Keywords: Mabo, Bonita, Mabo, Edward Koiki, marriage, Queensland, 1958

Still: Bonita Mabo, Loos, Noel and Mabo, Edward Koiki 1996,'Edward Mabo, His Life and Struggle for Land Rights', University of Queensland Press.
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Source: Mabo, Edward Koiki