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Black Community School Manifesto
Mabo and other founding parents wrote a manifesto of the school's aims:

(a) to give black children an alternative education more suited to their needs;

(b) to involve the children's parents and community in these children's education;

(c) to avoid the post grade four slump in learning by substituting a schooling which will give
encouragement and hope, not indifference;

(d) to substitute teachers who are understanding of Aborigine's difficulties and differences in
outlook and aspiration;

(e) to provide a satisfactory climate for the tuition of children who are academically oriented
and motivated towards eventual tertiary education, and;

(f) to be a focus around which the Black community can operate.

Keywords: Black Community School, Black Community School, education, manifesto, multiculturalism, Townsville, 1973-1985

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Source: 'Black Community School Manifesto'